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Having this gift isn’t cool or wonderful, no it is painful, causes anxiety and I feel people’s pain. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad I have as it gives me the ability to bring others some closure and help them to know their loved ones are with others and not alone.

I know this sounds like BS, but everyone I get is in the light. If they were evil here, they go to the dark, and in my experience, they do not come out, so it’s obvious I do not get them.

Recently, my sister Donna who tells people about me told Debbie a coworker about me. Debbie has been living life in pain and has been just existing. Donna is a very compassionate loving woman who wants to help others get through whatever pain they are living with. She tells them about me, gives them my number, and tells them to reach out.

While visiting Donna at work, she told me Debbie wanted to talk to me. Now before I go into what happened I have to say I don’t do the blindside or give people messages in this type of situation. While talking to Debbie, I had a soul come through for her, I believe it was either her mom or grandmother. I don’t remember, because it was in prompt to I wasn’t in the zone which I have to go into to be effective.

Debbie went back to work, and as I was saying goodbye to Donna, she asked me if Debbie’s son had come through. I told her no because I wasn’t in my zone and being in a busy store I couldn’t concentrate. I never get everyone in this situation.

I was leaving, I had a tall man with me. I went back I was sure it was Debbie’s son who was brought through by Donna mentioning him. I found Debbie and told her who I had with me and asked if it was her son. She confirmed it.

A week later I met Debbie in person, she had several loved ones come through including her son which gave Debbie some peace. However, it was his messages to her that were important.

I never know if what I give people is meaningful, I always want to give my clients more, but I am limited to what the souls want me to have, this was the case when I left Debbie.

Donna called me a few days later and told me Debbie confirmed everything she got was right on. But what happened with Debbie is what makes this worth it. She told me Debbie was not down anymore and had finally found the peace she needed to live a little better, a little happier knowing her son was in the light and had reassured her he was there for her, she had finally found the peace she needed to go from existing in pain and worry to knowing he is happy and reassured her he loved her.

This is why I understand this is important to others, it is not about me it is always about my clients, that is why I do this it gives me the energy to continue to provide this service granted to me by God to whomever he and the souls send to me.

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