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   Often people who do not believe in what I do and discount this will tell people I give clients what is basic stuff. If I were guessing there would be a greater chance, I would be wrong than right. Sadly 98% of those who claim to have the gifts do not. I believe many want to do this to be relevant or think it is cool to do this, but it is not. They chose to do this; this chose me that is the difference.

That being said, I had a client, Carol, come to me, who told me her husband, a retired police officer told her that is what we do, just give them things that everyone does common sense stuff. If I did that, I would be wrong most of the time and the client would be hurt and upset, I would lose clients and get no referrals, 98% of my clients come from Referrals.

As the souls came through for Carol, I described them to establish who they were. Once we established who we had with us they began to give Carol her messages. However, during this time I would tell Carol about one of the souls who was with me she told me all people did that back then. Finally, when her dad came through, he was wearing a hat. I told her he was telling me he was her dad. I asked if her dad had passed, she confirmed he had, I said he is wearing a hat, when I told her that and she said All men wore hats back then. That kept happening, with all the souls who came in. It was at this point, I realized she was hurting her session and I was beginning to struggle, I told her I rarely see men with hats.

I realized I had to put my foot down or stop the session, I said to her, “We are about the same age. I come from a large Italian family and none of the men in my family wore hats, maybe one or two wore them occasionally but not “ALL” the men. This got her attention and the session she stopped that and we finally went on.  Dad told her about her kids being in a good place to stop worrying about them they would be fine and are smart. She was relieved hearing from Dad that he is watching out over them & what he told me about them made complete sense.

We were finished when she asked if her cousin who passed was around. I asked for her first name, she said, Judy. At that point, I described a woman who was with me, I said a short woman, in good shape and a redhead. I forget everything she got but she was fun and crazy and much more about their life together. She excitedly agreed with everything I got. Once finished I asked her if I could ask her a question. Carols said sure.

I asked if all cousins are like that, and she looked at me and said I get it and apologized because she knew everything she got about her life with the souls and her life here was right on and wasn’t just general statements.

Sessions like these are always difficult. If you don’t believe in this, I am good with that but don’t judge all because of the many other fakes in this modality.

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