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  I had a session with two women, Brenda whose father was with me before I arrived at the location. I always ask before I get to a session who wants to talk to my client. A soul will come in but I often am unsure who it is until the session starts.

Upon arriving I explained how I work and then went into “my zone”. As I went into my zone a woman shoved the man out of the way and I heard very loudly, MOM! This has never happened before, then the soul said, “I’m here Leah”, I asked Leah if her mom had passed, and she told me she had some time ago. I described this soul to Leah and she confirmed it was her. Leah’s mom had never come to Leah before.

As we continued Leah’s mom apologized to Leah for the life she had given Leah.  She was difficult until if I remember correctly later on in her life. She also acknowledged she and Leah became closer late in her life and was there for her toward the end of her life. Leah did this because of who she is, she is a caregiver, not a nurse or anything like that, she cares about others and does the right thing.

Leah’s dad also came through telling me she was close to him when he was here but couldn’t be there as much as he would have liked to be. I believe he worked a lot & ended up leaving Leah’s mother.

As I continued with the messages for Leah, Mom told me Leah had to get up and dance more. I often have to interpret what the souls are telling me; I felt her mom was trying to tell me Leah had to have more fun & get out more but that made no sense to Leah. It turned out Leah had skin cancer on her foot. On the day of the session, Leah had gone for her five-year checkup and will be getting the results in I believe ten days.

I was pretty sure that the report would come back with positive results, as I had to believe what the souls gave me.   

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