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I was doing a session with two women who were part of a group session I had done many years ago.

As I began with Brianna, I told her as I do with everyone that I get one to five souls to come through sometimes more. When I started, I got her mom, dad, grandma & a cousin. She was getting nervous & I believe she was counting the souls coming through.

At some point, a tall man who was in the background finally came through. As I described him, she realized it was her husband who she was hoping would come through. He came with important messages that she needed to hear and was ready to hear.  

Her husband told her it was her time and she needed to begin to live her life as she wanted. When he told her to go out and begin making the most of her life, her friend sat straight up and said to her, “What have I been telling you?”

She was concerned he wouldn’t come through because he never believed in this and she thought he wouldn’t come through. Many years ago, Brianna came to a gallery I was speaking at. He told her this was all nonsense it wasn’t real. He didn’t disappoint her he came through strong with important messages she needed to hear.

Whether the souls believed in this when they were here with us, they learned they were wrong in what they believed here and are now there to help.

Always believe, always remain hopeful never hopeless because once you reach the other side when it is your time it will all make sense.

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