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The Redtail hawk is one of the birds that always brings me strong messages, these are some of the stories.

I had been working with a family whose daughter was murdered for months. The perp was arrested finally. I went to the first trial when Her parents asked if they were going to get a conviction, I said not and told them why. Sure enough, the trial ended in a hung jury and I was right as to why it would happen.

 Several months had passed & I hadn’t heard anything from Cathy & Phil the victim’s parents. Then I got a sign, I didn’t realize it was a sign at the time. I was driving north on the Taconic State Parkway in Yorktown NY in rush hour traffic at 7 pm. I was in the middle lane when all of a sudden something hit my windshield. I thought for a moment I was shot at & I jumped it hit that hard. It was a redtail hawk that completely covered my windshield. I couldn’t see a thing. It seemed like an hour but was only a matter of seconds when the hawk lifted off the windshield & flew away. Not one feather came off that bird. I looked for it, it had to be dead I thought but it wasn’t anywhere to be found.

I had no idea if that was a sign or not, I didn’t give it much thought. Several weeks later in the middle of the day, I was driving South on the parkway. I was thinking about the 2nd trial & if it had happened or if it was coming up anytime soon. I called Cathy & Phill to ask, and they told me they were going to reach out to me to tell me it was coming up in two weeks. As I was talking to them another Redtail Hawk came straight at me talons out like it was going to grab its prey & flew off at the very last second, I jumped & they heard me, I told them it was sent by Karina their daughter, she is letting me know she was going to get him this time & there would be a conviction. Was that the same hawk, I can’t confirm that, however, as I am writing this that is what I am getting, I believe it was.

The new Trial started in 2 weeks and I was there for the first day and the last. I told Cathy & Phil there was going to be a conviction this time and sure enough there was. It was at that time I realized how significant the Redtail would be in my life.

Another time a redtail showed up for me was when I was walking into the New Rochelle Family Court. I was there to file papers for an order of protection and wondering if things would go better with this case when all of a sudden over my left shoulder a Redtail came down just missing my head and grabbed a pigeon that was right at my feet. I never saw the pigeon & why was the redtail out of its environment? Sure enough, it was another sign that things would go better and they did for a while.

Signs can be letting you know things will go well in the immediate future or things will change completely. We never know. Sometimes an animal or a bird will show up to let you know a loved one is there for you. Not every time they show up, sometimes it’s just there, but if you are in a place where you need a sign, it will show up at times, brought to you by a loved one. I believe the souls do not become that animal they just guide them to us.

Always be Hopeful, never hopeless, be optimistic in life never pessimistic, it is important you live that life to find the joy life can bring you.

Bob Buchanan

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