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When I was only on the job maybe a year or two, we received a call for an aided case of an unconscious male. Back then EMTs were just coming in there were no paramedics. The sector I was working in was also an ambulance.

Upon our arrival, we were greeted by a female who identified herself as the wife, Clair, of the man lying on the couch. She told us she had just gotten home from work and found her husband unconscious and unresponsive. I felt for a pulse we were getting ready to apply CPR & oxygen. When I felt his wrist, I realized he was cold. At that point, we knew Claire’s husband had passed apparently in his sleep. We called for a doctor who pronounced him dead. There was no sign of any foul play or drugs. Now, it was so long ago I have forgotten much of the facts but I believe he had heart issues.

Once the pronouncement was made, we contacted the Medical Examiner who spoke with the doctor and released the body. Everyone had left except for me I was left until the body was removed. I was there to assist Clair. I got a blanket & covered the body & told Clair to wait in her bedroom.

I asked Clair if she had a preference for a Funeral Home, but she did not so I contacted one I know was reputable with her permission.  

While waiting for the funeral home to show up which was several hours I sat with Claire. I was comforting her by telling her things about her husband and how he was sick. I let her know he was with a woman on the other side who she thought was his mother.

To be completely honest here it was so long ago I don’t remember much more than what I told you above. But, by the time I left others had arrived for Claire and it seemed was in as good a place as she could have been. I had no idea what I was saying to Claire or what I was, but I felt the man who had just passed was speaking to me which I just accepted because there was no other explanation. I instinctively understood this was a message he would want her to have.

Once I cleared the location, I went back on patrol at about 9:00 PM, I do remember my mind was with Claire which I thought was normal. I realized as time went on this wasn’t normal. Once we cleared any scene, I left it behind after the reports were written that was not the case.

When I arrived at headquarters at the end of my shift, I was in the locker room when I was called up to communications for a phone call. The call was from Claire she wanted to tell me how much I helped her get through the ordeal and how comforting I was. Honestly, I had no idea what I did for her, I was just talking to her, or so I thought.

I believe I saw Claire a few times after this but eventually, she was moving on and I lost contact with Claire not realizing that it was my gift that I didn’t know I had at the time that helped her. I know her husband was a good man which was true. Before you say everyone says that everyone would say that. I never do that and never will unless I hear it. The truth is if he was not a good person, I wouldn’t have said anything.

I wish I knew back then what was going on and I knew what this gift is. I would have without a doubt continued to keep in touch with Claire.

I hope Claire is still in a good place and her life is a good one.

Bob Buchanan

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