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From the years between mid-2017 – the end of 2020 drug overdose victims have slowed down. I believe during those short years our southern border was closed and that was clearly the reason. Before you go off on some foolish rant about me being political, politics have absolutely nothing to do with my sessions If this is your mindset please stop reading here.

I was doing a session with Betty who lost her daughter Kim to fentanyl poisoning. As we were doing the session her daughter came through and told me her death was an accident and she didn’t take her life. As I was talking to Kim who came right in and told me it wasn’t a suicide, she wanted her mother to know she would have never taken her life as a matter of fact she was trying to straighten out when she passed, Betty confirmed that she was getting better.

Kim told me she was at the house where they found her with the intention of getting information on this drug dealer. She told me the drug dealer forced the drug fentanyl on her and made it look like she did it herself. Kim told me she never took the drug because she knew how dangerous it is & wanted this guy off the street. Kim told me this was a homicide but the police refused to treat it as such. Betty worked hard to get the police to investigate but that was not going to happen. I also saw that Kim had gone to another Drug dealer first who wouldn’t deal with her & sent her to the guy who killed her. That was confirmed by Betty who talked to the first guy.

At the time of our session, the medical examiner’s report had not been released. I told her without any doubt that the report was coming back as fentanyl poisoning.  Betty asked me if I really thought so, I informed her I had no doubt and I do not tell people what they want to hear, I have to relay the messages from the souls and they do not lie to me.

Betty told me the family was accusing Kim of taking her own life, but I assured her this was a homicide. Betty suspected this through her own investigation. I told her this before she told me what she had found out & believed to be true. I had just validated what Betty knew all along and told me this to validate what I was hearing after those messages were conveyed to her.

About two weeks after our session Betty called me with the ME’s report, it was fentanyl poisoning. Betty knew Kim was doing everything she could to get better. She saw many of her friends dying from Fentanyl poisoning, it’s why she went to that drug dealer to try to expose him. She had not only died by homicide but it was her concern for others that caused her death.

The “family” was wrong and should keep their mouths shut, they thought it was a heroin overdose done on purpose, they could not have been more wrong.  

In a second session, I did with a mother who lost her daughter and was told it was fentanyl poisoning. She was uncertain what had happened as her daughter had never done drugs. The message from her daughter was very strong. She had a headache and asked a friend for an aspirin. Her friend gave her the fentanyl on purpose because she was such a straight kid to see how she would react to being high. She passed away as a result.

These two stories are just a small sample of what I have been getting. We have never had so much death among young people due to drugs as we do now with an open border. It’s time we wake up and put our foot down before this reaches even higher proportions.

Note: as a retired police officer what I had seen in Kim’s case the police knew about these drug dealers but refused to do any type of investigation into Kim’s death because it was crystal clear it was a homicide. It’s because they are short-staffed and overwhelmed. To me this is unacceptable and it saddens me that this is the case in the Bronx where Kim was found, but I am sure it’s all over the city.

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