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I was doing a session with a Alice who just lost her husband Jimmy at a very young age, she had never done this before and was very skeptical. Her messages were strong and very accurate for her.

Her husband Jimmy showed me a cell phone and told me to tell her he would communicate through the phone to her so she would know he is ok. He did this after I told her she would hear things going on in the house & he would turn lights on & off perhaps even a TV. She told me that would scare her, I assured her it would be him and there would be nothing to be frightened about but that didn’t calm her down so that is why he showed me the phone.

I never know what exactly what they will do it could be several different things like choppy static a voice a ring with no number or 000-00-0000 I had a client where a soul sent him & his ex-wife a text while they were texting each other and said he is ok. I have to say that made them a little nervous but he told them who he was so they got comfort from it as well.

It was just two days after Alice’s session when she sent me a text to call her. When I did, she told me that morning she got a message on her phone that wasn’t a normal text & was not a message from apple that said “Happy Birthday Alice B”, with balloons. She told me her husband John was the only person who ever called her by that name. As I was talking to her John showed up laughed & let me know it was him.

When I told her it was him, she got great comfort from that. I love it when the souls do what they tell me they are going to do. It may take time but the usually do.

Another quick example is later the same day I got a text from a client telling me I told her about something coming at work, not for her but a legal matter. I think I told them that about a year ago & it finally happened. I’ll reach out to aske her permission on that but I want to wait & because it had to do with her work, she may not want me to do that.

Always stay hopeful, never hopeless, live an optimistic life not a pessimistic one.

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