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The most difficult thing I do is when I give someone a message and they say no is to stay with it. I am getting more confident and believe the souls more & more what makes it hard is there is no science behind this no studies no papers nor proof, just he souls filling me in.

The week that just passed was a very special week for me. For some reason I had several clients reach out to tell me how things they never thought would come true came true, one client told me it was a year or so later. I have also told people I see something like a flower in a dining room and I am told that makes no sense. I then got a text later that day the flower was in her sister’s house. The souls tell me they are playing with the lights, Tv’s, radios, and other electronic items. Sometimes my client will say no it didn’t happen then they remember later either it happened or will happen, usually within a week after our session.

Once the souls give me a message for someone and I give it to them I don’t adjust it or take it back. At this point, I have had too many situations where it occurs. When I do sessions I stay away from projecting upon the future, the reason is although the souls can see what could happen and more often than not see to it happens we have free will and have control over our lives. That is what they want us to do, take control of our lives.  When I see someone getting a job the souls are letting me something will be opening up and you have to be ready to move on it.  

In short, the souls are telling me the opportunity is there they see it, they want me to give them the confidence to pursue.

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