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Joanne Kept Her Farm

This session was like pushing a boulder up hill

M When my client Joanne called me to start her session, her Brother, grandmother and father came in right away, I was informed she was depressed not clinically but environmentally. We discussed that for a few moments when the souls told me Joanne was moving and that was why she was depressed.

Joanne confirmed that she has sold her beloved farm and was currently looking at a farm in Pennsylvania to be closer to her children. I told her I was being told she wasn’t moving and she was staying where she is. These messages went against all logic, the farm was sold there was no choice but to move.

We spoke about the farm she was looking at in PA but I didn’t feel her there. I told her I’m seeing her on a farm and perhaps it was that one and all would work out fine for her. All the while I kept getting, she was staying where she is. That was why the messages about the PA farm & any farm were weak. This session was like pushing a boulder uphill. The souls kept telling me she was staying put but logically this couldn’t be.

I was fighting my own rule in the sense that the souls will tell me what they want my client to hear not what my client wants to hear.

Well, a few days later I get a text from Joanne, the deal fell through and they are staying on the farm. Her depression was lifted, which was caused by her having to leave the farm & keeping her children happy by moving closer.

I tell you this story because I want you to know how tough it is to go against logic and sometimes what seems to be the done deal here is not. When the souls have a plan for you, they pretty much see to it that it happens as they plan, not necessarily what you plan. 

Bob Buchanan

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