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Dads voice & dogs

                                                 Dogs & Dads voice

During a DUO (face to face) phone session with my client Sue, both her mom and dad came through. Dad was the one she wanted to hear from at this point as he had recently passed.

As we started Sues session her dog started barking. I was already in my zone and once in my zone things like barking dogs do not bother me. Although I am aware, they are there no matter how loud they are the volume in my head is turned way down. This time the volume was louder & louder.  Dad told me he loved the dog and was playing with him. I told dad to stop and talk to me. All the while Sue is telling the dog to be quiet. I told Sue the dog will quiet down soon and it did.

As we continued with our session particularly when talking about her dad & her husband’s (who is still on this side) relationship I would hear a male voice confirm what I was saying for example, when I was telling Sue her husband and dad were close & her husband looked out for her dad she validated it but at the same time I heard a male voice also say, absolutely.  I simply assumed her husband was off to the side agreeing with the message, there could be no other explanation. After all, dad was talking to me the other souls, we had were women.

I was also hearing some feedback from my voice but that was very obvious & distinct, the man’s voice I was also hearing was as well. I was sure it was either her husband or son who decided to sit in off-camera. At the same time, Sue was hearing static, I was unaware that was happening.

As we finished dad asked me if it’s ok if he plays with the dog again so Sue would know he was there.  I said be my guest & at the point, I told Sue the dog was going to start barking again because dad wanted her to know he was there.  Sue chuckled and said that’s fine & I heard the male voice say, “good”.

Sue and I were talking once we finished the session & I asked Sue who was there with her, was it her husband or son? She told me no one was there in the house. I realized that the male voice was her dad coming to me through the phone. I told Sue what was happening, it added to her session. I have had this on rare occasions before. I wondered if it was because I had my earbud in, but I had several duo sessions since & no static or voices.

Just as we were about to hang up the dog wasn’t barking. I said to Dad, so you’re going to make a liar out of me with the dog, he smiled and sure enough, the dog started barking at that point. I said to Sue, I thought he was going to make a liar out of me but there it is. We both got a kick out of that.

A few days earlier during an in-person session with Kirstie, her 2 dogs were going crazy when I got there. They were all over me. She said she would put them away. I told her not to bother the souls would take care of it and within minutes the 2 dogs laid down & went to sleep. Kirstie told me they never usually settle down so fast. The souls who were there for her made sure they did.

Finally, many years ago when I was doing my very 1st gallery at a birthday party, the birthday girl had lost her dad. I was sitting with my eyes closed as usual when I heard the homeowner say she would put her dog away. Everyone else yelled no don’t. I opened my eyes to ask what is going on? They informed me every time I was about to give someone messages the dog would sit in front of that person. From time to time he would sit in front of me looking over my shoulder to my right then to my left. Dogs are sometimes sensitive to the souls around me. They can make a session interesting when they do that.

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