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As soon as I stepped on my front door today I noticed a Red-spotted ambassador butterfly just sitting there on my step. It didn’t move at all, although they are common this is my first time seeing one.

I noticed how beautiful this butterfly is In all its Glory the beautiful colors brought my attention to it. I wanted to capture a photo of this beauty. I ran back into the house to get my camera. Knowing how butterflies don’t stay in one place for long I fully expected the little guy to be gone. However, when I returned it was still sitting right where it was.

I was able to get a few shots when it flew to a stone right by where it was sitting.  I grabbed a few more shots before I had to leave. I knew the way it was acting this had to be a sign as it wasn’t acting as normal butterflies do. I would have to concentrate on this later as I had to run to see JoAnn & Mary whose young family member Andrea was found dead a few days ago.

While I was with JoAnn & Mary, the woman’s Boyfriend Leon was there as well. He was suspected of hurting Andrea by the family but I was getting he didn’t do it. What I was getting is Andrea choking along with hitting her head. I felt it was a suicide. As I am talking to the boyfriend his dad came to me. I began to tell him about his dad, I had no idea if his dad was passed but this soul was strong and when I described him and what he was like Leon broke down began to cry. He pulled a flyer & card from his pocket from his dad’s wake, which he carries around with him. His dad meant a lot to him and he got the messages he needed he was told he needs to get his act together. This is up to him all I can do is deliver the message with hopes he takes the journey.

I didn’t notice what was going on around Leon as I was giving him his messages mainly because I go into a zone and close my eyes while doing a session. A small butterfly was flying all around him and landed on his head at one point. The family members watched that little guy as it flew around.

While I was giving Leon his messages I realized the butterfly this morning was brought by Andrea to thank me for what I was doing for the family. After I finished the messages with Leon, I told the family about the butterfly on my step earlier and I believed it was Andrea who brought it to us.

I showed JoAnn and Mary the photos of the Red-spotted Ambassador I took earlier, they appeared to be surprised. When I asked them what was happening they advised me a  Red-spotted Ambassador was flying around Leon while I was giving him his messages. My confirmation it was Andrea, they told me a story about how Andrea was afraid of butterflies and they used to chase her with butterflies when she was a little kid, they said they teased her recently about her fear of them.

Andrea is no longer afraid of butterflies and the little beauties are all around her to give her joy in heaven, she wanted to share that joy with JoAnn & Mary.

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