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My life as a Caul bearer

This video is a little about me being a Caul. People come to me hoping to get answers to something they may be going through. It could be very heavy or light, no matter what it is it’s important to you my client so it’s important to me.

I take every client seriously and deliver messages to them they need at that moment, helping many get to the other side of whatever it is they are going through. I do attempt to avoid relationships mainly because the heart wants what the heart wants and it will not matter what I tell someone if it isn’t what they want to hear they will ignore it.

We as caul bearers do not have all the answers just the answer you need at the time of our sessions to assist clients to move to a better place.

I hope to post more often and soon, with the COVID19 I have not been very busy, and the sessions although some have been heavy there is nothing to do a video on.

Stay optimistic never pessimistic, hopeful never hopeless.

Look for my new book coming out soon. The tongue in cheek title is “I can’t find you a boyfriend or your keys, my life as a caulbearer”.

6 thoughts on “My life as a Caul bearer

      • Nope never but I noticed that I attract customers whenever I’d go inside restaurants n boutiques. Usually upon entering I’d see max of 1 client inside n before I leave those places it gets filled to it’s max capacity at times there’s even people in it’s waiting list area. I think that I’m more consistent whenever I was with somebody else like a friend n I’d start telling my friend that in a while people would start filling up the place n true enough it just happens. I can’t seem to help it. But even when the ripple effect transpired in front of us, it just gets “shove beneath the rug” or downplayed as coincidence. There was also 1 time that this tin foil on top of my table went upwards to more than a foot n then it spiralled downwards. At that time my room was airtight there was no chance for the tin foil to get dragged by air. I motioned my hand as I was talking to my friend n then to our surprise the foil lifted upwards as if from cinematic effects. It moved upwards like in slow motion effect. This incident stuck with me very weird. Thanks Bob for replying I wish we could have more discussions. More power to you.

  • I hope that you’d take notice of my comment here Bob, I am a “caulbearer” or was of an en caul birth. I am 54 yrs old now and literally it is only today that I have encountered the word en caul birth and caulbearer. I have downplayed my personal observations regarding the gifts that come with my being in fact it is only now that I have discovered that there are people like me. I intend to pursue these things and request that you help or guide me in exploring the truths surrounding this matter even for only a bit of time as I am aware of your preferences. Thanks in advance Bob. Waiting for your reply. Yours sincerely.

    • I was born with the facial veil, not the en-caul it has been my experience it is different. Are you hearing from the souls on the other side? not all who are born with the caul have gifts, if you can call them that it’s very difficult doing this.

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