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On Friday I received an inbox rom a client Nancy. Nancy just had a new baby that is two months old. This was the exchange we had;


Hi how are you? I had a question I know when we do readings I’ve always met you somewhere like Starbucks but I have something that’s going on with my child I’m stressing out and worrying I won’t know anything till Monday. If I tell you what’s going on with him would you be able to get any feeling on it at all. If you can’t I comply understand.


Call me lets see if I can get something for you, but I have the bobby Ojeda feeling your worry is not warranted.

Nancy Called me during our conversation she told me had just come from the pediatricians who was doing a two-month exam on her two-month-old son. The Dr told her he was concerned because her son wasn’t responding to a light in his eyes. He referred Nancy to a specialist. Like any other new mother, she became very concerned her son had a serious issue. She had an appointment Monday with the specialist and was worried she was going to get bad news.

I told her I saw this as a non-issue that her son was fine. She will be told this isn’t something to be concerned about. I told her no matter what the issue is it was something that will pass. There is now reason to be upset.

I received this in box this morning Monday from Nancy;

Hi how are you? I just wanted to let you know that we just got back from the doctors and he said that Bryans eyes are normal. He said some babies don’t start moving their eyes till 4 months he said it’s not typical but not abnormal so we go back in 9 weeks to see if he’s moving them side to side but it should correct it’s self on it’s own. I just wanted to say thank you so much for letting me call you that day I felt so much calmer and not as emotional when we got off the phone it put me at ease. I know you’re really busy and you did not have to let me call and I’m so grateful you did. You’re an amazing person   

I am never comfortable with giving medical messages, but this was a solid message from the souls around her. It always gives me relief and joy when this happens. I am gaining more faith I the souls, I just don’t ever want to give anyone bad information.

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