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Is much different than mother day, when you walk into a Hallmark store, florist, even super markets on Mother’s Day it’s like walking into a circus or fair. There are flowers balloon’s things floating everywhere. There are rows and rows of cards ranging from twenty dollars – hundreds of dollars. Clothing stores loaded with Racks & Racks of clothing & stuff on Mother’s Day.

Contrast that with Father’s Day, when you walk int any of those stores there’s one rack of ties and out dated shirts they took out of the backroom for Father’s Day., there is one small table with some flowers maybe a balloon on a plastic stick. In the floweriest, super market or card store, Looking for a card? In the card stores there is one rack way in the back on the right with one row all the way at the bottom with father’s days cards ranging from ninety-nine to two bucks, they put an orphan intern in charge of writing and designing them. They are made out of left-over paper.

As dads we are good with all that, we appreciation and the love of our children we get all year long. Many fathers make daily sacrifices for our children and that never ends.

Whether you had or have a good or great dad or weren’t lucky enough to have a good father but had a step dad who filled those shoes, just take a minute to let them know in the best way you can. If your dad is no longer with you say a brief prayer tell him know how you fell, he will appreciate it, but I can tell you he already knows.

Many of us will spend the day grilling and we are happy to do that. To all the dad’s out there, happy Father’s Day to you all, to the dads who lost their life either defending this country as military or our community’s a police or other first responders, I have said a prayer of thank to you all. 

Have a great day.

I did this to have a little fun, if you are offended….OH WELL, get over it.

Bob Buchanan

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