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As I have said many times before, I am somewhat skeptical when it comes to signs for me, don’t ask me why. I mean, I know everyone else gets them but when it comes to myself it is hard for me to believe them.

For approximately two and a half years I worked with a family who lost their daughter, she was murdered. I haven’t written or spoken much about it because of all the press they were getting and I didn’t want to add to their pain.  I told them there was an arrest coming after about two years and sure enough two weeks later my phone blew up at 11:00 PM from friends and family telling me there was an arrest. When working with families of high-profile murders I avoid watching the news.

When the trial began, I went to the first day of the first trial, I was only there maybe two hours. Her mother and father asked me if there was going to be a conviction. I told them I saw a party a celebration, there would be a conviction but not this time and I gave them the reason. I was right and there was a hung jury.

The sign, I was driving in rush hour, it was dark I was in the center lane when BAM something hit my windshield. It scared the crap out of me, it was a very large Redtail hawk its wings spread covering my entire windshield to the point I couldn’t see out the window. Within a few seconds, although it felt like minutes it flew off without losing a feather. I went back to look for it, it wasn’t there. I understood this meant something at that point but wasn’t sure what. The Totem for the Redtail states, keep your eyes open as there is a message coming. However, to me this bird of prey is a fierce hunter that moves quickly when it has its sights set on its prey. To this day I’m still in awe of this event.

About two weeks after that crazy event, I was driving on the Taconic state Parkway, South about 1 PM when the young woman who was murdered was with me. She was telling me the new trial was coming, at that point I called her parents. While talking to them they informed me the new trial is coming in two weeks. Right at that point, another Redtail came flying down Talons out right at my windshield almost hitting it then suddenly turned at the last minute and flew off. Although I was stunned at the sight of this hawk attacking my car, I knew it was and it struck me right away what it meant, without hesitation as I described to the family what had just happened, I told them a conviction was coming this time.

I went to the second trial twice, without going into too much detail, I firmly knew there would be a conviction and there was. The messages from the Redtail was the souls were coming for him to make sure a conviction would be handed down and it was. More on this at a later date after I get permission from her family.

Recently , I was walking my dog, my family is going through a legal matter and I was thinking about it when I saw a Redtail hawk just sitting watching me. He never moved even with my dog being there. I stopped to grab a photo he never moved even as I got closer. I wondered if a message was coming for me and perhaps the message would be around the legal issues we are experiencing, perhaps there would some relief in our situation. Honestly, I thought I may be looking too hard for a sign for the relief we needed and forgot about it.

Well fast forward a few months to now when things took an unexpected turn. Although we don’t have a lot of hope for change in this situation, I always look for hope.  As I was walking into Family court in New Rochelle to drop off a paper, a Redtail came swiftly down and grabbed a pigeon a few feet of me. I couldn’t believe what had just happened in the parking lot of the court.

 I am taking that as a sign thing will change for the better I will at the very least stay cautiously optimistic this will end in a positive way.

I’m not sure, perhaps I am a bit too premature to take this as the sign but I believe it is. I will stay positive about the outcome, even with a lot of good things which have already happened, we have learned not to get our hopes up.

  I will fill you in as time goes by, but I believe in the hawks. I will need your prayers for sure.

Bob Buchanan

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