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My client Jody called me to tell me about something that happened in the car while Husband Harold was driving.

Their son Alan passed to cancer they are devastated.

Their vehicle has what sounds to me like a pop-up display where the GPS & other apps will come up on the screen. The screen was blank when suddenly a message came on the screen.

“Happy Birthday Pop” it was Harold’s 80th Birthday.

Jody asked me if I thought it, was a message, Alan was with me & told me it was, there is no doubt about it. I told Jody if the message popped up with a message advertising a car dealership then no it wasn’t a message.

What made this so important, is no one other than Alan called his dad Pop. Yes, Alan made sure his message could not be questioned. Alan’s message to his dad was just what Harold needed at the time he needed it. This happens often, where we get what we need at the time we need it. Sometimes we just do not realize what is happening, we just have to be open and pay attention to what goes on around us and we will see more.

Always be hopeful never hopeless.

Always stay optimistic never pessimistic.

Note 56 – 57 seconds into this video you will see Alan show up on my right side, the left side of the screen in the form of an Orb.

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