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During another session with Jodi her son Alan was with me as he always is. I speak with them often & Alan is always there with them. This time Alan was showing me a photo of himself as a little boy in shorts & colorful suspenders. I explained my vision to Jodi and ask if she has a photo like that.  She told me she could not think of one-off hand’ I told her to see if she can find a photo that fits that image. She told me she would look and let me know.

Several weeks went by I received a Text from Jodi informing me they are cleaning out Alans home. She told me she didn’t find a photo that fit my earlier description. However, they did find 2 pairs of suspenders in his place but they were back. I had a vision of the suspenders right as I was reading the text. One pair of suspenders in his draw & one on the floor. I sent the explanation of my vision right back in a text. She came back with that is where they were. I also told her I was seeing rainbow colors.

Jodi called me later & told me the rainbow didn’t mean anything. I said I was seeing it in his bedroom. Is there something on the bed? I fully expected her to come back with something like a rainbow from the sun was on the bed.

She told me no the only thing on the bed were his socks and explained to me he only wore colorful socks. I asked her what she had said? That was what I was seeing his colorful socks they had just laid out on his bed.

Things always make sense even though it’s not exactly as I see it it is so close there is no doubt what I was seeing.

Always remain Hopeful, never hopeless. Remain optimistic never pessimistic.

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