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Hate & Anger

Never allow hate & anger to take control of you and your emotions. Neither will do anything to make your life better, quite the opposite. When you spend time hating anyone or anything it consumes you, as does anger.

I have watched people hate someone or something they have no control over and as they realize this unrealistic emotion has taken control of their life like cancer it will grow within taking away their vision, and their hearing draining all joy from their life.

As this continues anger becomes the giant inside you eating away at you feeding the hate, two of the most destructive unnecessary emotions any human can allow to bring them down.

We all have choices, continue on that awful sad path or walk away from the toxicity you perceive to be important. Control, look at the thing that angers you and ask why, why have you given it so much power over you? When you can’t come up with a good answer, take a beat and realize, your life will be so much better without that walk away from that life into a new life.  You will be glad you did, trust me.

Bob Buchanan

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