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For weeks I had been smelling coffee, but it couldn’t have been coming from my neighbors I’m too far away and it mostly came late at night, I had an idea who it was because there is only one person in my life to whom coffee was important. However, I reserved judgment whether it was her or not.

On Christmas morning I was making coffee in my Keurig coffee maker. As my coffee was finished dripping I grabbed the cup when all of a sudden the top of the water reservoir flew off right past my head and onto the floor. It was then I realized it was my grandmother, Nana. Nana loved coffee and there was always a small pot on the stove when we stopped by.

I wanted to get Nana a new electric pot but refused to use one of those new-fangled coffee pots put out by Farber ware, nope, no way the coffee didn’t taste the same according to her. I knew the moment that lid went flying past my head it was her. That also confirmed it was her having coffee with me at night when I smelled it.

My son sells his blend of coffee and that was what I was using, later I was hearing more, and she let me know she approved of his coffee, just not how I made it.    

Nana & I were very close, it’s confirmed she is still with me.
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