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  When I start a session, I go through how I work so my client understands what is going to happen. This also helps me go deep into my zone so I can hear & see the souls better, it brings the souls into me so I can see a little clearer.

One of the things I tell my clients from the time they book is please do not tell me anything about themselves or who they want to connect with, I also only ask for first names so I can’t be accused of Googling anyone like I have time for that.

 During the introduction I tell them any questions I ask which will be, does that make sense to you after I tell them something, please say, yes, no, maybe do not expand. I also tell them names are not my thing but if I hear a name I will say it, it could be someone here, someone on the other side, or a middle name. If the name doesn’t mean anything let it go.  

This happened twice during two recent sessions. I told two women a name that didn’t make sense. About two weeks later I got a text from both of them on the same day. One said, I know who it was now, she told me I gave her a name and there was a man coming through she couldn’t identify, it was his name, and it all made sense to her.

In the second text, the woman stated I gave her an initial, now that threw me because I don’t just give an initial because the fakes in this industry use it to get a client to talk about someone they lost. It’s known as a cold reading, but OK I have to believe her because I don’t remember everything, I give people. She told me it ended up making sense to her and thanked me.

The woman who got the name and had the soul coming threw set up a second session to talk to that soul who was someone she was hoping to come through. As usual, I don’t remember what happened during that session other than she was happy he was there for her.

It took me a while to believe & stick with what I tell people. It used to be when someone said no, that was it, I let it go. Now, I stick with what I tell my clients as it almost always ends up making sense to them. I say almost always because not everyone reaches out to me after a session so I will never know the percentage of accuracy.

The reason for this insecurity in me is I do not want to mislead anyone. When I was seeing mediums before I came out, I was misled by most and do not want to do that to anyone. That has now all changed, I stay with what I get. I grow all the time I am hard on myself for that reason, but now I have the confidence the souls will never mislead me.

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