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During my time as a police officer in the Town of Greenburgh NY I often got “feelings” as I call them. At the time I had no idea why or what they were. One such example of this is when I was on foot patrol in a Shopping Center.

While I was walking in front of the stores, a group of people pulled up to the Dress Barn, two people jumped out of the car ran into the store grabbed arms full of dresses, ran out Jumped into the car and took off. I was a distance away and couldn’t do anything other than radio communications for help.

The transmissions went like this. nine 0 to headquarters K. HQ; proceed post 90-K,

me; two male blacks just jumped out of a black Ford NY registration, 1234XYZ ran into Dress Barn garbed dresses ran out jumped in the vehicle which headed (yeah, I have no idea at this time the actual car or Registration number) I should insert here, the foot post was a punishment post, the chief’s unit was nine 0, my call was, “post 90 to Headquarters”. however, me being a bit of a malcontent I would do this because I know it pissed off the chief who hated me.

My first transmission was ignored for several minutes, my next transmission was,

“Communications are you going to put that out-K”?

Communications, ” Give that to me again post 90-K.

I repeated the transmission but included the vehicle was traveling East on Tarrytown Road into the City of White Plains Notify WPPD K.

Communications, 10-04 post 90 and he proceeded to repeat my transmission & notify White Plains PD.

Then it happened and I have no idea why I said this, Communications, send 61 (the sector car) to Annie Saz on Central Ave K..

61 heard my Transmission and proceeded to Annie Sez, where they apprehended the perps.

The logical thing would be for the perps to travel into White Plains and jump on the Bronx River Parkway south toward the Bronx. But no, they turned right onto Central Ave, a very busy road.

These things happened to me often, yes there were times it was a cop intuition but not always. The intuition would have been to send the sector cars down Tarrytown Road to the city line.

Finally, the next day, I didn’t get an atta boy, not that I looked for it, nope There was an order cut by the chief I was no longer allowed to walk in the shopping center. The Chief always put his personal feelings ahead of the good & safety of the public.

Bob Buchanan

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