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I never know what anyone heritage is if I did it wouldn’t matter

I was having a conversation with several clients after doing several sessions at a party. They were telling me about a medium some of them went to see at a party. I know this medium and do not view her in a positive way, as I have heard many, not just a few bad reviews about her.

Carol who hosted the party I was doing told me she stopped the reading fifteen minutes into it because she was getting nothing the medium who was just making general statements. Jane who was also at that party felt she got many messages from her. That particular woman attempted to tell me a lot during my session with her, I had to stop her because I don’t like anyone to give me information about themselves until we get near the end. That being the case I questioned if she actually received messages.

Contrast Jane with Carol who ended her reading abruptly because she felt the medium was making general statements. The reason Carol stopped her reading was that the medium knew she was Italian and she seemed to be stating stereotypes. That would fit what I have heard about this particular medium.

As we were talking about stereotypes Carol asked if I ever came to a conclusion base on the heritage of my client. I reminded her I never get last names, even the first name can be misleading. Just because someone is named Maria doesn’t mean she is Italian.

If I went on looks many nationalities look very much like others. I would never do that when you do, you are aways wrong and people are wise to that. If you feel that is happening, be upfront maybe even leave the reading.

I feel mediums or others who do this violate in my mind a code of decency should not be taking advantage of others.

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