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The Cross, Grandma came to me several days l

For the record, I do not bring my beliefs into my sessions in any respect. I do not have that right and do not judge others. I do know of many who do let personal beliefs bleed into their readings. I believe allowing that to happen is unethical, selfish and egotistical none of which belongs in a session.

 When I do a session, I am in a zone and am connected to the souls and my client, I watch the Black and white movie the souls play and try to make sense of it. If I let my personal feelings come into our session that doesn’t belong there, the messages will not be accurate. My personnel beliefs or feelings is not why clients come to me. I say this because this post can be looked at as controversial, I hope it isn’t it is not meant to be, what I am about to tell you is what exactly happened.

During a session with a group, one of the women Elaina had a small cross on. My attention kept going to the cross, it was lighting up as I like to say. Even with that I was not getting messages about the cross at that time. I do not do what I call the carnival act, and ask did your mother or father give you that or is that your grandmother’s kind of thing. I just continued giving her the messages I was getting for her. Once Elaina received her messages I moved on to the next person.

A few days later as I was driving a Grandmother was with me showing me that cross again. I had actually forgotten about it and wasn’t sure who was wearing it. Sharon one of the participants from group happened to call me just after Grandma’s short visit. I asked her if she wore the cross, she told me Elaina was wearing it.

I realized it was Elaina’s grandmother was the one who came to me. The reason for the visit was she was proud of her granddaughter and wanted Elaina to know how she felt and that she made the right decision. She told me Elaina was going to terminate her pregnancy but decide last minute not too.

All this came from nowhere, I wasn’t thinking about her the cross or the session, Grandma just popped in for a quick visit. I questioned the visit because of the way it came in, but I had to check. Because Elaina was the one who set up the session, I had her number, I reached out to her via text and asked if she had a minute to talk.

She did and when I told her what I was getting she confirmed it as true. She told me it was a last-minute decision to have her daughter. She was on her way to have the procedure when she made that choice. I know Grandma had a little something to do with it. She knew her granddaughter, the love and compassion she has for children.. I just got that as I am writing this.  

Today she has a beautiful baby girl the love of her life and is happy and grateful she made that decision.

I never know when a soul will jump in on me to give me a message my client needs to hear, It doesn’t happen often.

Why didn’t I get that message while I was there? I have no idea why that happens. I don’t have all the answers even though it’s believed I should, I learned to just go along with things as they happen. I would like to say I do this without question but that is not true, I do question I simply do not get the answers. There are things the other side does not want us to know, I am accepting that more and more, hell I have no choice.

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