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Sharon Called me on Monday


I was doing a small gallery session on a Saturday morning. During the session, a woman was guiding me to the woman sitting across from me on my right. As a matter of fact, I was starting to give messages to a woman on my left when she came in and diverted my attention to Sharon the woman on my right.

As I began to give Sharon the message, Sharon seemed to shut down. This was her first time sitting with someone like myself and because many of her friends had done this often and she realized her friends we not actually getting messages but were simply having conversations with the mediums, she didn’t believe in this at all. Her feelings about mediums are we trick people into telling us stuff. She saw her friends say they didn’t say a word, she knew better.

I continued with the messages when her mom brought attention to a family member Sharon was very worried about. This family member had a drug issue and couldn’t seem to kick it. Mom told us she would see to it the family member would get a message to scare him. She told me she would choke him to wake him up. I had no idea how that could happen from a soul.

I have to say Sharon seemed to open up as the messages went on it yet it was very tough for me to get messages for her. I just kept giving Sharon what I was getting.

Early the following Monday Sharon called me she was very excited. She told me she was on her way to work but had to pull over and call me. She told me her family member had a feeling he was being choked a few days after Sharon saw me and he was going to do his best to get straight. I don’t know if that has happened yet or not. However, this is the thing, Sharon told me about how she was convinced all of us who do this are fakes and was not going to come.

Her skepticism continued while she was there, the whole time she told me. Sharon advised me the entire time I was talking to her she was singing a song in her head so I couldn’t read her mind. She realized that the messages were not just what she had hoped to hear but more what she needed to hear. Sharon is now convinced I am real and was put at ease.

Sharon’s phone call was very important to me, it lifted my spirits knowing she did get the messages she needed. I had no idea what she got or how she felt she never let on even after I left. It’s things like this that help me feel I can make a difference and I am making a difference. I always question myself and knowing me I most likely I always will.

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