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    I was doing a party with five clients for 30-minute private sessions each.During one of the sessions a mother Carol and daughter Teri sat together. During their session, Carols father was one of the souls who came through.

  We were in the middle of the messages when dad was showing me lollipops. I asked Carol if this had any meaning to her, it did not. I said, “Ok but this was a strong movie and felt it meant something”. Carol was sure it didn’t, now logic kicked in which I never let allow during sessions and figured ok, it must mean Dad gave his Granddaughter Teri Lollipops or candy to her when she was a young girl. The thing I found confusing is I knew if that were the case, he would have showed me a movie of him handing Teri lollipops. He was holding them for him not handing them to anyone.

I asked Teri if grandpa gave her lollipops, she said no, not that she could remember. I had no choice but to let it go and move on to a new message but the Lollipops stayed with me. When we ended our session, I asked one last time if those lollypops meant anything, they insisted they did not.

At the end of the sessions Carol who hosted the party told me, her husband reminded her, her father always had lollipops in his mouth. He occasionally chewed gum, but mostly ate lollipops.

This is the reason why when I give someone a message, I stick to it. It is also why, although logic must be applied to this modality it cannot block me or get in the way of the message.

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