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The Movie Ronnie played


I went to Brenda’s house to interview her regarding the sessions I had with her when her son Ronny who was lost in a fire first came to me (see the video titled Brenda). Upon completing our interview Brian came in and introduced himself. This was the first time I met Brian and I wasn’t sure if he was opened to messages, but that didn’t matter he was getting some anyway Ronny is a very determined soul.

As it turned out Brian was very open to them. Ronny came through for him with strong messages. I was relaying the messages unique to Brian when suddenly Ronnie was showing me a movie. The movie Ronny showed me was of himself in their backyard running, rolling and just acting out something that wasn’t really clear to me.

I explained the movie to Brian fully expecting him to say that didn’t happen when he looks at me with surprise on his face and smiles. Brian looked over to Brenda and the both began to laugh. It turned out that one day Brenda was in the kitchen putting away groceries, she looked outside and she saw Ronnie doing just what I had described. She thought he had lost his mind.

Later when she asked Ronnie about what he was doing he showed her a video, He was making a video of the earth being attacked by aliens. He added the aliens later as special effects. Ronny was into movies, theater and entertainment. This wasn’t something that came through for Brenda during our first session. Brenda later sent me the video. Unfortunately the video is embedded into facebook and I was not able to share it into my video.

That message brought a light moment to our session. Both Brenda and Brian appreciated and enjoyed that part of his messages. I love it when get this type of message and it brings a smile to the face of my clients who have suffered the loss of a child.

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