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I received a call from a psychologist (let’s call him Joe as I do not remember his name), Joe started the conversation by saying he had read an article on me in the paper. I immediately thought that was 6 weeks ago I doubt he did but I entertained him. Joe continued, I’m 80 years old I want to know when I’m going to die & how. I advised him I don’t see death and he should call someone else. He responded, NO I WANT TO TALK TO YOU!!.  I thought that was a bit obnoxious the way he said it but I told him I would come and see what we get.

We sat down, I focused and his mom was with me along with his mom’s parents. His dad didn’t come through his mom explained to me his dad did some horrendous things to Joe as a kid along with others. It was clear Joe’s dad was in the dark people in the dark do not come to me. I believe once in the dark they are there to stay.

I described the souls who were with me and he told me that was accurate, they went into their messages one thing I do remember was they told me he built a shelf. As it turned out I was sitting in front of that shelf, he confirmed that & told me at the end of our session it was behind me. I noticed he seemed to be getting agitated with the things I was telling him even though he acknowledged they were true. About 10 minutes into the session Joe begins to shout at me. “These people have been dead a long time, I don’t want them here, how do I know it’s them. He continued, I want proof, I want papers I want studies?” I responded with “Yeah, me too but neither of us is getting that. I questioned him if the descriptions were accurate of his people. he acknowledged it was. I asked him how do you think I knew that because I don’t see any photos of them anywhere as I looked around the house for the 1st time. I never look around a house I do a session in.

At that point I said to him I wouldn’t continue with our session, he said, “so it’s over”? I said, “yeah this is over.” I wasn’t going to take his abusive demeanor.

Last week I began watching a new TV show called surviving death, they spoke to a few people who came back from death, one woman, in particular, is a Dr. I listened to their stories and was comfortable with what they were saying. Much of what the people on the show described is exactly how I see things, which was the validation I have been seeking. Although there was one thing that the Dr said that I found very upsetting and depressing. She said she was told her oldest son would die young. Now I never see death as I said, it just serves no purpose. I thought perhaps the worry voices I hear from the anxiety this causes me could be the voices I needed to hear. Those voices are the worry about my family’s wellbeing which is normal for everyone. So that made no sense either, but I never sure. I spent several days with anxiety & worry over that.

As I was telling a friend how I never get death & I’m sure they don’t want us to see it as it serves no purpose and only keeps one depressed, it became clear to me. I realized the souls on the other side would not want her to live worrying about losing her son for so long.

Her oldest seemed to be a type-A person which would cause any mother to worry. When her son did pass as he was cross country skiing she said she always knew he was going to pass.

I hear this often from clients who lose children that they knew they would pass, that just isn’t so. Like all parents, they worried about losing a child so if it happens they believe that worry was messages.

 Why am I concerned about the worry voice? Because as a kid I always worried about my dad’s passing & when he did I thought I always knew it would happen.  I realize now, my dad was acholic, he was a good dad and I loved him very much. That caused me, a young child to worry he would self-destruct and ultimately pass. I know this logically but I worry it was a vision I was getting. Although logically I know better that is an uneasiness this modality causes. This is not easy in any respect, so if you or anyone wishes they had this gift, you should be thankful you don’t & when you find yourself worried about a loved one know it is simply worry not a message.  

Note; I believe what often causes those thoughts of ultimate sadness could very well be the movies or TV.  It is often created in entertainment that someone is lost after they establish that person has a family, wife, child, lover, or parent they are very close to.  This is used to add drama & to justify how they go after the one who caused the death of the loved one who was killed to give us that sense of, justice will always prevail. It’s only entertainment don’t let that manifest into reality. Also, don’t let the stories of others lead you to believe it will be you one day. That is destructive behavior stop that right away.    

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