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Regina’s story

The souls always have a way to bring their loved ones to me so they can bring them messages. They find me in many ways. Jayla brought her mom Regina to me so she could help her mom understand she was still with her & she was no longer in pain. This is Regina’s story & I thank her for permitting me to post this with the hope others will find a way to connect with their loved ones. Jayla chose me to bring her mom her messages & made sure there was a seat at my table for her mom.

  Cardinal Spellman High School

10/29/12, 3:59 AM

Regina sent October 29, 2012

You were absolutely amazing on Saturday. My 28 year old daughter passed away 5 weeks ago. She had a rough last year of her life, was depressed with an addiction problem and a severe medical heart problem. You validated so much EXACTLY how things have been for the past year and seemed like you actually knew so many specifics. She obviously came through you quite strong and I thank you for giving me peace and words from my dearest daughter. Once again, you are truely amazing. I can go on and on, but no need to. You had every detail just about precise as could be. I will be in touch no doubt. And will also take care of those things my daughter told you to tell me to do. 🙂

12:03 PM

Regina sent Today at 12:03 PM

My daughter passed away while sitting in her parked car from an accidental overdose. I walked into that building the day of the psychic fair from an overwhelming ‘draw’ from my daughter’s spirit just weeks after she passed having no idea what to expect. You were the only table empty, i walked over and sat down and you took my hands and told me not to say anything Within seconds you said ….. and these are your exact words….. ‘i see a young woman who went to sleep in her car and never woke up…. i see a police officer with brass on his uniform taking her hand and i see a mother figure, (not your mother and not her mother) walking with her. I am seeing that she struggled with demons for a very short time and wants you to know she is grateful for everything you did to help her but not to feel guilty or sad because she knows it was her who made the mistake and nothing you could have done would have mattered ……. But she is safe and please let her spirit be free “. God bless you for comforting me so fresh into my grief.

You sent Today at 12:07 PM

As I read this I got the chills, I am amazed often by what people tell me about sessions. As I continued to read she is telling me again you are holding onto the guilt as I said before in your thread

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