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        A year or two ago I sat with Elizabeth for a session. At the end of the session, she asked if I knew where her late mother’s ring was. She told me they checked everywhere but couldn’t locate it. She asked if I thought if the caretaker may have taken it. My 1st instinct as a former cop was to say yes. The reason is that I investigated far too many cases where that was the case.

Before I could say yes her mom showed me a dresser with 2 small draws on top then several large draws. She showed me the 2nd small draw, the ring was sitting in the back on the right side. I told Elizabeth about the vision. She said the dresser I described was in her mom’s closet. She told me they checked there closely & it wasn’t there. I told her that finding things was not what I do but she should check it again.

About 3 days later I received a text from Elizabeth telling me they found the ring in that draw on the right side but in the middle, not the back.  I was happy she found it at all & accepted that.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, 2 years later, Elizabeth called me her dad had just passed and wanted to talk to me again. Both her mom and dad came through but dad dominated the session as that was who she wanted to hear from. That will often happen. When we finished I was telling her I remembered about the ring and how crazy that was as I rarely get stuff like that. She reminded me they had checked that dresser thoroughly and it wasn’t there.

All of a sudden mom is back with me laughing. Mom told me after she told me where Elizabeth should look, she put the ring in that draw so they could find it. It all made sense to us, the souls will sometimes put things where we can find them. Oh yeah, they will also hide things from us letting their loved ones still here they are with us.

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