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                                        It’s about Love & hate

This s a quick video shot on Sunday, November 8th, 5 days after the presidential elections. I was in a race against the sun… LOL.

This is not about the election or what happened because, at this point, we do not know what is happening.

Love; I am watching the losing side get very depressed even though nothing has been officially resolved yet they are worried about their future & the future of this country. They have given up allowing things out of their control to get to them. They must learn no matter what happens, and we seriously do not know yet, they will have to make the most of their life & not let any situation take them down, simply wait for any situation out to the end. This group looks at all sides before the make up their minds.

Hate; the other side of this is the in your face poor sports, again nothing has been finalized but they have jumped on this to get into the face of the loser. They have let hate take them over, I will throw in anger as well. No matter what happens they have done enormous damage to their image & integrity. This is an example of how we allow our hate to control us without giving any thought to how we look to others and how damaging that is. This group doesn’t look at all sides just find something or someone to hate, hate blinds us & anger shuts us out.

Once we allow this to happen, we are finished we have shown all those around us that winning is more important than our integrity and creditably. Those who around us quickly realize we have no confidence in ourselves and live a superficial life through outside situations that are out of our control. It is the more damaging of the two, it will cost you both relationships and employment opportunities.

I have said on here over 100 times I’m sure, never let your hate & anger define who you are, work on it you will be happy you did.

As for the 1st group learn to let any situation play out before you give up show strength & resolve, you will be better off.  Remember we can overcome most things in life once we set our minds to it.

Never Give Up, never never give up .. I paraphrase Winston Churchill.


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