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I had this gift way back then it’s only now I understand what took place that morning at two AM. This has stayed with me from that day & time on.

As a Teenager, my girlfriend Nancy and I were very connected; I was just seventeen at the time. I always seemed to know what she was thinking when she was thinking it. One day while walking down Main St in White Plains we walked by a candy store, I suddenly said to her, “I’m not buying you that white chocolate.”  She looked at me and asked how I knew she wanted the white chocolate. I had no answer for her; at the time I passed it off to ESP, which was the common explanation in those days.

This constantly happened to me throughout the four years of our relationship. At the age of twenty, Nancy went to Atlantic City with her girlfriend. I woke at two AM sitting straight up, I had butterflies I felt as though I was going to throw up. I became very nervous I knew she was up to something, there was something happening & someone was attempting to warn me what to expect. I was told Nancy had met and was with someone else.

When she came home she was very aloof and distant, I knew she was no longer in love with me and I wondered if she ever was. I was also becoming wary of our relationship after all we had been together from a very early age. After a few days of her being very distant and avoiding contact with me, I finally confronted her.

I asked her what was going on but she refused to talk, she just insisted everything was fine but I knew both instinctively and intuitively that was not true.

After several more days of this very nervous energy, she finally admitted she had fallen in love with one of the Carney operators on the boardwalk. They met at two AM and went for a walk on the beach where they fell in love, the exact time I was shaken awake out of that deep sleep.

I didn’t understand why I got this feeling or what it was, but I understand now exactly what it was. It was my dad waking me up to who Nancy was, and this continues today, I have to put it together why I get the message sometimes but like everything else I do, it all makes sense at some point.

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