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                        The perp looked at me and I knew

As a police officer, my gift often assisted me this is one of many stories.

I was dispatched to assist the detectives at a prominent all-boys school.

Upon my arrival the detectives met me we went to the office and met with a custodian who was the suspect in this case.

We proceeded to an empty classroom with the suspect so he could be interviewed in private. I stood at the door while the detectives spoke with him on the other side of the room.

After about thirty minutes of speaking with him and not getting anything, I was thinking to myself, let’s end this I want to go to dinner, yeah dinner was my focus at this point.

Suddenly, I got the “feeling” that the suspect wanted to talk to me (I thought maybe it was hunger pains, I had no idea). I looked over at him, he was looking at me and that is when I knew for some reason, he would talk to me.

I went over and asked the detectives if I could talk to him. They told me to give it a try as he wasn’t talking to them. I moved to the desks in the room and had the suspect sit at one of the desks.

As he was sitting there looking down, I sat on top of the desk, looked at him, and said; I think there is something you want to tell me. He looked up began to cry and confessed giving me most of what happened. He said he didn’t mean to do it.

I have no idea what voice I was hearing, or why I got what I call the feeling but I did I acknowledged it and followed through with those feelings which led to the arrest of the suspect by the detectives. Another case closed with the assistance of this gift.

This happened often to me, and although I had no idea at the time why this happened, it assisted me in my job and I now also credit this gift for saving my life.

Bob Buchanan

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