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I first met Nancy over Twenty-two years ago, Nancy is a wonderful poet I had heard about. I asked if she wanted to collaborate on a project where I would create photos to compliment her words. We got together about three times as I recall to discuss the possibility of working on the project. However, She was about to begin a new relationship with Jim and she decided she wouldn’t be able to continue with our project. The last time we met was at her house when she told me what was happening. I was a little disappointed but I understood.

 During our many conversations, I listened to her about the loss of her husband I believe those conversations dominated our time. that is what always happens with me, I had no idea at the time what was going on with me nor did I understand the gift I have.

Back then I would meet people in a bad place and get them through the tough times. One friend, Cookie once told me the song by Simon and Garfunkel, the Bridge over Troubled Water was me, because I was there for her during a bad time.                         

During the time of our last meeting, Nancy was going through her former husband’s stuff. Nancy thanked me for being there for her, to show her appreciation she gave me a tripod and a red rope her husband used to secure his boat while fishing, I had no idea why the red rope.

When I got home I threw it into a drawer and forgot about it. We had lost contact at that point and continued on with our lives.

Fast forward twenty-two years, I had been moving that red rope around all these years when for some reason I felt the need to reach out to her, again and used the red rope as the reason to do so.

When I reached out to her I wasn’t sure if she would remember me, hell I wasn’t sure if I had her email. I sent an email to who I thought was her, in it I mentioned the red rope and wanted to know if she wanted it back. I have no idea why she would want that back, but for some reason, I felt I had to reach out to her.

Nancy responded it was her, and we began a dialog. As it turned out Jim, Nancy’s significant other was suffering from cancer. She and I spoke several times, I mostly listened. Within several months of our recent contact, not only did Nancy lose Jim who lost his battle to cancer, but also lost her dad a few weeks after Jim. As things settled down for Nancy she decided she wanted to do a session which we did.

During our session, her husband, Jim, her dad, and a few other souls came through to bring messages she needed. I was nervous about doing a session with her, as I am with all my sessions. But, Nancy in particular because I know she is a very tough strong woman who lives behind what I call the protective wall.

As the messages flowed Nancy was very receptive she had a few questions about what I do at the end of our session. As usual, I wasn’t sure how Nancy received her messages from the souls around her, not all were relatives. When I got home later that afternoon I received the following text message.

The following day came another, this is why I do this, when a client gets what they need to help them to another place in their life.

As I write these accounts of what happened during a session it often wakes my memory of most of what occurred during the session, although not all of it. This writing is no different it brought back a memory of our last day twenty-two years ago, the red rope.

Yes, now I understand why I was given that RED ROPE. There are no coincidences, it will all make sense eventually.

Bob Buchanan

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