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I had done a reading for a NYC Firefighter and his wife, I saw a fatal auto accident. I described it very accurately including they had been cut off by another motorist. The survivor in the back seat had told that to the police. I saw a woman in the passengers seat had passed. She came through right away. I saw a young man there as well who didn’t seem to want to let me know who he was. My Attention kept being drawn to their Refrigerator about 20 ft away and one of many photos had lit up. I couldn’t see who it was from that distance but it held my attention. As usual at the end of the reading, I asked if there was anyone who hadn’t come through that they may want to hear from. The husband said a name & I responded; he was in the car, he was the driver it’s your son. It turned out that the photo on the refrig. was of him. They went and got that photo just to show me, I didn’t tell them about it lighting up they just went and go it. I wanted to know from the son why he took so long. He told me two things, one his dad was mad he passed & wasn’t sure if he wanted to hear from him. Also, he felt had he come through sooner his dad wasn’t really ready to hear from him. I will be talking to this couple later today to see if in fact he was angry about the accident.911

We had finished and were just talking about fishing I believe, when all of a sudden a NYFD fire Fighter I knew who was killed in 9/11 came through. I told my client I have a Fire Fighter with me & described him .. he said that’s Sen Tallon, it was exactly who I saw, He knew Sean well. I saw a total of five FF who walked from the towers to a fire house across the st. cleaned up & sat down to watch TV, one was very very tall. My client also knew him, he was 7″ they were friends. He was a NYFD paramedic, but he didn’t pass in the towers, he passed later.

When I got home a 9/11 scene was with me, it was awful, something I never saw before. I have to be honest here, it was so painful I broke down when I got home as they were still with me.

One in particular, he was short he wants to contact his family, I don’t know who he is or if that will ever happen, but he is with me now as I write this. His wife/fiance is still struggling.

I found out that there was a house directly across the st, I believe I was told Ladder 10. I will look into to this to see what I can validate any of this & I’ll keep you posted.

I will make this offer; if anyone who reads this is or knows a first responders family, someone who is really struggling with the passing of a loved one, I will do a reading for them absolutely no charge.

I hope you enjoyed reading this conversation.

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