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The holidays are finally behind us for another year but the pain for many still remains. The pain of our loved ones who were once an important part of our lives were not there. I understand how this is and why we miss them so much, after all I spent the Christmas of 1965 in the funeral home with my dad who passed unexpectedly. Even though we know they are with us it is difficult because we wish they were with us on this side.

I read for people who can’t let go of this sorrow or pain. I often get during a reading that they just passed & I’m told, no they passed many years ago. That used to confuse me a bit. Then during one reading I was told that the person I am reading for hangs on like it was yesterday and that is the reason I get that.

I do this because I hate to see people in pain and if I can offer them some relief and release its very gratifying for me, which I am blessed to say is usually the case. Thinking about this as often as I do my spirit guides came to me with the answer.

The message to me and to those I read now is the same, we have been trained throughout the years to morn the loss of our loved ones. They really want us to celebrate them and their time here. Honor your life with them and know they are with us. It’s just about re-thinking as I call it or, adjusting to the way we process a passing. Look to the light, feel them and let them bring joy to you, and they will. Open your heart they will enter and before you know it your sadness will turn to comfort. Please don’t misunderstand, I know this isn’t easy, but it’s what they want and we must try and live for others.

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