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On Saturday January 12th I did my very first gallery reading. For those who don’t know this is when you have several people come together in a group to see who will come through. I explained to my client that in this situation some may not get read.

There were 9 woman at what turned out to be a birthday party, I had no idea what I was going to. As always I worried I wouldn’t get anything at all, I just don’t want anyone to be let down, that is very important to me. However, I had Paulette’s grandfather with me pretty much all day (see her testimonial on this site). I did know he would be there but she has received successful readings, I really prayed the others would get something as well. Once in the car and on my way, they started to come in. I got a father; very strong, a nurse & a hair dresser.

Once the reading started & I went into my little routine that brings them through, The father was there, I looked right at the Birthday girl & told her, her dad was here, I didn’t even have to ask for validation if he passed, he was a solid spirit. This reading went very well and as it turned out everyone received a reading.

But this is what also happened, the home owner had a dog, she was going to put the dog in a room and everyone yelled for her not to. I didn’t know why, because when I read I see very little that is in the area around me I hadn’t noticed. What was happening is, the dog went and sat in front of everyone who was getting a reading at the time I was giving it to them. One who’s Grandmother the hair dresser, was in pain the dog actually licked her hand, a kiss from her Grandmother.

The other thing of interest is a penny dropped out of nowhere between Paulette & another woman who’s friend had died in a car crash. They had no idea where it came from or why, so I asked the spirits to tell me. I asked the woman who’s friend passed in a car accident if she loaned her money & if the woman never or rarely paid her back. She confirmed it, I told her she just paid you back. She looked at me and said, a penny really? I said, what can I tell you; it was a fun exchange. What came to me the next day was her friend wanted her to know she is in heaven and she dropped a penny. Pennies from Heaven, that was a message for me as well, it is what I bring to people who are brought to me by their loved ones for a reading, this is why I do this.

Foot note; I asked Paulette the other day if that penny was heads up as I saw it. She told me yes, I don’t know why I didn’t say it that night, it was what & what she showed me. You can read about this in Paulette’s testimonial here or on my Facebook page.

Next post; how my Gallery reading went at the Lions Club charity event on the 15th.

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