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I am getting booked and have been doing many gallery readings lately. I have noticed a few things and would like to suggest you avoid coming (or going) to a gallery reading if you have one of these mind sets.

If you are a total skeptic, What happens is you bring negativity to the group. There seems to be one in most groups. In every case when giving them information … and I keep the information to a minimum so as not to embarrass the person … the deny what they get as factual. What has happened in every case someone always come up to me later to confirm what they got as accurate. The other case is when someone is private & doesn’t want anything about themselves revealed. I had this situation .. I was giving a woman info she was saying no to everything, but the young man who was with her looked and said, what are you talking about you know it true & proceeded to tell her how it was true.

So if I may make a suggestion, if you don’t believe or feel it may be real, book a private reading and lets see what comes up. If you are private and don’t want anything about you coming out feel free to tell me before we start & I will not read you. I try very hard to give everyone in the room something and this will save time. I have will respect your privacy and understand it. All I ask in return is respect the others in the room & leave all negativity at the door, and have some fun.

I am seeing a lot of anger out in the world lately. I get it, but if you want to move forward with your life, seek ways to remove it from your life. If this is an issue for you I can suggest ways to work with this and see what the spirit guides want you to do with them. I am thinking of offering cleansing readings, they will be different from my normal readings because the people wishing this will not get a normal reading. We will work on asking their guides to help them work things out. This is something new for me & I will offer these at a very reasonable fee to see how it works out. Let me know if you would be interested in these, lets work at ending your anger.

Have a wonderful spiritual week .. look to the heavens for guidance and I will talk to you next week. Please visit my facebook page and join me there, I have opened it up to conversations as well.

Bob Buchanan

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