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I was recently at a funeral and in the past when the coffin passed I found it very emotional. This time was very different, I knew this person was not in the coffin but was with us in the church. I have been told by those who come to me that they want us to celibate their lives not mourn their passing.This finally sunk in and I really got it.

The person’s grand daughter sang at the service, I began to get the chills. I have heard this person sing at other family services but never experienced this. Within minutes she told me she was very proud of her grand daughter, the exact same thing happened with the 2nd song, but this time my mother came in as well, before I knew it the whole family was together in that church.

This was the validation I needed to confirm finally what they had been teaching me. Our loved ones are there with us we should take comfort in this.

Bob Buchanan

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