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The other day I was sitting at KEON waiting for my friend to come, I was there to do a photo shoot (I’m a photographer by trade). For those who don’t know KEON is an Group that assists people with Downs syndrome. As I was waiting I noticed the people who worked there. A strong sense of purpose came to me. Both groups all had this greater sense of purpose. I’m not sure what it is exactly that they do but this isn’t about that. I was getting messages from where I can’t say, but I was being told and shown that without a purpose in life we are lost.

No we don’t have to be here to cure cancer or some lofty cause. We simply need to have a reason for being here, there is a lot said about this. But once our purpose or perception of our purpose is gone we stop living, we wonder what is left in life for us. You can’t allow these feeling or mind set to continue. Breath life back into yourself. look you will see where you are needed, follow that path, your days will be brighter, you will be happier and have something to look forward to.

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