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The souls always bring messages through me, of hope & how you can move down a new path. The souls don’t stay on themselves for long, they take me to your life, where you are & how you can heal. The souls will get you there eventually, provided you are willing to open up and accept the change they have in mind for you.

Sadly many hold onto that past, when it comes to relationships; missing someone, not letting go of past marriages and lovers. They get stuck in a pattern, of seeking out the same type of person, even though they tell you they are done with that life, yet time & time again they find themselves back where they were. They give into their physical urges, the physical is only temporary, and fades quickly, when that happens, and it always does, we find ourselves empty again.

If you are the type to be there when they are done such a relationship, you need to consider changing yourself. I’m not saying you have to abandon the person if that is who you are, no, you can be there for support if you promised them you would be, but realize & accept the dynamic is now changed, as they must. It’s your time to move on & make your life better, only you can do this and you shouldn’t feel guilty.

When a path you have walked with someone has reached its end, the only avenue to take, is to clear the way for someone one new to come into your life. Oh yes, you can hold onto certain memories, but they should be small, don’t allow them to tether you to that past. Before you accept someone new into your life, find yourself, before letting them in; heal the wounds that have been inflicted upon you.

Don’t allow the questions you ask yourself to hold you down, make sure you saw the person for who they really are, that perhaps you saw the person you wanted and not the person that is there. If that is the case as it often is, become more aware of yourself and how you see things, grow from the experience. This occurs because we needed something in our life, and look at this as our last opportunity to love again. Don’t do it to yourself, it only serves to hold you back. You will find love once you are opened up again & not blinded by your desires or fears.

Life will be so much richer, once you take a moment, look back at that path, smile, know you were there for a reason and did what you were meant to do. Turn away the anger & hurt that try to hold you back. Turn around and take steps to your new life, a new journey can’t start without a 1st step.

Your new path will be enriched from the lessons of that past.

Bob Buchanan

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