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Being a caul is very rewarding, however, every once in a while there are those who I ask myself why do they come to me. I was on the phone with a woman who wanted to set up an appointment. I attempt to not get messages while booking an appointment, however, sometimes the souls will still come through. Her grandmother came through while on the phone with her, the woman was short & very heavy & spoke with an Italian accent…. After I told my client, she says to me, aren’t ALL Italian grandmothers short & fat …. I’m like really?!! I had several aunts, all were Grandmothers & no they weren’t & they were Italian … yea, I heard that once before aren’t all Italian grandmother short fat & cooked …. yea ahhh NO!! Many of those same aunts made reservations & didn’t cook … I can’t guess, nor can I do stereo types, it would never work out right.

OK back to my client, I never get last names from clients, plus, we we’re on the phone, so how would I have known she was Italian. Truthfully, even if I did get a last Italian name for her, it could have been a married name, she could have been Irish or German. I can’t go by the last names … that grandmother turned & went back. I never heard from her again, even during our face to face session. I find if we challenge the souls through unhealthy skepticism they leave.

When we actually meet, I tell her, her father who is with me; is tall & thin wearing a fedora hat … again, she said, all men wore them in those days … he was about the same age of my father, 20 uncles, friends and grandfathers, NONE of them, except my one Grandfather wore one … again she was wrong. Then she tells me after I told her what her life was like, that everyone who came from a family with that particular type of issue lived like that … again I lived that life, yet again, my life was 180 deg opposite from hers. Plus, how did I know what that life was about, as you all know I don’t ask questions so that was just what I saw?

I told her that her father was the life of the party, she told me he was a nasty drunk, I knew different, he showed me he love having parties. However, because she hit me over the head with her skepticism every time I got something, I left it there. She called me several weeks later to talk; she tells me her dad was a fun guy & loved parties .. I reminded her about the “nasty”, remark. Everything I said, she had an answer for even though it was true. I actually withheld stuff because the session was getting crazy, she had me questioning myself & my gifts. I just simply got tired of struggling over everything with her.

She stated to me; at the end of our actual face to face session, I told her stuff her Dr told her. I never met her doctor & still don’t know his/her name. She said it was like a therapy session; I reminded her she did all the talking with him, but with me, I did all the talking, she did none. She looked at me for a moment and said you’re right … well, those of you who have had sessions with me know, I don’t let people talk that much, not at all while getting the messages.

I appreciate some skepticism, SOME, but when it becomes over whelming, the souls often leave or just stay and give me very little information. You must believe in them & know they are there, even if you don’t hear of feel them, they are with us. You must know that & believe it. I do, it’s why I get so much without having to ask a bunch of questions, the souls have never let me down yet.

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