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Very often something comes out of my mouth, instead of what I was going to say. This occurred at the end of a recent phone session. I was at the point of wrapping up the session; I was telling Nancy when she started to think in a certain way, the souls wanted her to stop it. As I was telling her this, I saw a vision of one of those Strongman, bell ringing carnival games, where you hit the ramp with a sledge-hammer which drives the ringer up to ring the bell. Well, I’m saying to Nancy, slam it down with a sledge-hammer, when “Tennis Racket” came out instead. I don’t follow tennis, nor do I play tennis.

Years ago, while shooting for my client, AMF, I asked to borrow one of their “Head” rackets for a special shot, (See photo). I asked nancy if the tennis racket meant anything to her & it did (see letter below. I then described it as a Wilson, had I been guessing, I would have went with the Head, because that’s what I

During the session, I got strong messages from the souls that don’t seem to make sense to my client at the time. Trusting the souls 1st as I do, I tell my clients, please check & let me know either way if that happened.

Well, during my phone session with Nancy, (I have her permission to use her name & letter) I saw a photograph on her shelf in a new frame; the image was soft & hazy. I told her this & asked if she just reframe a photo of her parents. I was being told that by her mother – in – law. She said, no, but, I just framed a photo we had of my husband’s parents & put it next to the one of my parents, on my shelf … as she said that, her mother – in – law was holding a roast beef & smiling. I told this to Nancy. I told her, her mother-in-law, was a good cook, but she is holding a roast beef because she cooked that on a special occasions. She wasn’t sure; so I asked her to check, see letter she sent below.


Thanks so much for my session. Thoroughly enjoyed it….almost everything I could relate to and when the Wilson tennis racket came through, that blew me away! In light of the story I shared with you about the Chris Everett racket I purchased at an auction some years ago and how just recently we have tried to have it authenticated.

My husband says his Mother DID fix roast beef on special occasions and was one of her specialties, among many

The Head tennis racquet picture you sent is fantastic and I enjoyed hearing how you set it up…really a piece of art. Thanks for sharing it with me

I’ll be back in touch at some point again.

I have learned whether it makes sense to me, or not; which it often doesn’t, as it’s a message for my client, not me, , I have to say what I get. The above is the perfect example why.

I have many situations like this now, this isn’t a perfect science & I can only hear & see what the souls want to tell you, not what you want them to you.

This is what I call the minutia, the validations, however as a Caulbearer, it’s the message they tell us, about where you are & how you should move on, that is important. I never want my clients to let the validation part over shadow the true special healing message they get,I make that clear in the beginning.

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