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I believe in being honest as those who follow me know. Throughout my life I have always pushed myself to be better; I never feel I’ve done my best. As a self-taught award-winning photographer it worked well for me. I never became complacent & never felt there is no more improvement needed that I was the best.

I carry that into this, I always want more for my client, it’s important to me they get the messages they need. I pray every day for these gifts to get stronger & they do. As of this writing I have yet not received messages for the person with me. Even the skeptics & an atheist, get messages. One woman couldn’t identify the souls that were with me so I just went into the messages which were right. I was told later by someone who knew her she was amazed because she had been to 5 mediums who couldn’t read her. Some told her she had the gifts, that’s why, she asked me & I told her I didn’t see that.

So you understand why I question myself & push myself to be better. I do know it’s not me; it’s the divine spirits that granted me these gifts & the souls who come to talk to me. I also know we can only hear the messages they feel are important to you at the time, I get it, but I always want more, I always walk away from every session wondering & hoping my client heard what they needed to hear.

The other day, at Sugar Loaf, a Tarot reader was right next to me, only a piece of cloth separating us, It zapped my energy. I had to struggle to keep my energy up; I couldn’t believe that was happening. Between clients I heard some of what she was telling people, I was shocked anyone would believe what they were being told, as coming from the cards & not what they were telling the card reader, during a conversation. I don’t want to slam her and will not, all I’ll say, I realized she wasn’t real. But it got me to thinking, are my messages the same way? I knew the difference was she engaged people in conversation, I don’t. She asked a lot of questions, I don’t.

My messages are very different. As I sat questioning this, praying for more gifts, stronger gifts, I went on my Facebook page & there was a message in my in box, it couldn’t have been timelier. It was something I really needed. Now question this if you must, but I met with Andrea a year prior to her sending this, think about that, they knew I had to hear something to keep the faith in myself & them, a renewal and here it is;

HI Bob, We met last year, you came to my condo in Brewster when I was just pregnant. What I never told you and I’ve been meaning to, is that I haven’t had the need to find another medium or psychic for more answers because what we talked about and what you shared is enough. That has never happened to me before and I know you’re the real deal and I thank you. Also, more importantly, what really sealed the deal was that you told me my stepfather (who was in the car with me) had a message and that he was yelling “look to the right’ and I had no idea what you were talking about. WELL, I later that day remembered that I started taking a new way to work, and at one point on the Bronx river parkway, near the dam, you have to merge into traffic in a really precarious circle and that very day that we met I was merging and thought there were no cars and as I went into the right lane a speeding truck was upon me. Sammy was yelling look to the right. It all made sense. You’re awesome and I hope we can meet again for another session. Thank you, Andrea

I asked her if it was ok to use this & I wouldn’t use her name, she told me it was ok & to feel free to use her name. I wasn’t going to use her name but felt it gave more validity to this. I left off her last name for obvious reasons.

Before anyone tells me I must have more confidence in myself, I do have confidence in the souls & divine spirits, however, I know once we become over-confident & make this about ourselves, our gifts diminish or leave totally. So I will continue to question & push myself, to be better, it’s who I am and will always be. I will continue to pray before each session the souls & messages come.

Thank you Andrea for this message & everyone else who has written a testimonial here, or thank me in text or PM on Facebook.

Thank you God & all the divine spirits for granting me these gifts.

Bob Buchanan

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