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If you read the last post you saw, I struggled with a skeptic who denied almost of all the validation process.

Well, I heard from someone who knows her just yesterday, I was telling her how it bothered me I couldn’t reach he. Her friend told me I should have spoken to her earlier because as it turns out, she talked to the woman the next day. The woman told her everything I said became clear to her the next day as accurate.

What had happened, as a skeptic, she expected and wanted to hear certain things. When she wasn’t getting what she wanted to hear right away, she thought it was wrong. Had she just listened a little longer with an opened mind, chances are highly likely she would have gotten the messages she had hoped to hear. Had she not gotten them, after we receive the message the souls want her to hear, I ask if there are any questions. Ninety eight percent of the time there are none, the souls give you what you’re looking for. However, sometime there are that is the time to ask them questions, that is the time they answer your questions.

Ok, I can’t explain why people do this some do, I had one woman say no to everything we were getting, except she validated everything about the two souls who came to me. She was hoping her uncle & father would tell me where her mother’s money is. She just didn’t understand if you try to get me to use my gifts for devious purposes it will not work. These are gifts from God and I honor and respect this, I have no intentions to lose them. I found out a few days later she lied about many of the things she was getting as not true that were true.

I always get what the person who comes to me needs; the proof is how busy I am simply through word of mouth.

The point to all this is; whatever the souls tell me is what; I’m going to tell you. I have to go with them, they have never failed me.

NOTE: I write as I talk, I’m not a writer I use all the tools at my disposal if I have made mistakes her please excuse my lack of writing skills ;-D

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