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As a Caulbearer/medium, I know the souls want us to honor them. They never fail to tell me that.

On Father’s day I realized, it’s wonderful we take a few moments and honor our fathers who have passed or are still here. I posted this on my facebook medium page about dads;

Today is father’s day, if your dad is here, let him know how much you appreciate what he has done for you? If he is passed smile and remember your time with him fondly. Say a prayer, to say hello & let him know your thoughts are with him. Celebrate him and his time here with you. There is no greater honor to them other than to honor them by keeping them fondly in your heart & please don’t wear their passing on your sleeve. That is not what they want. Believe me they are around you & will hear you.

This is from my regular page; thank you all for the happy father’s day greetings.. For those of you, new to my page. That is old paint & trigger; I had a lot of fun with those toys on here. I want today to be a happy day for everyone & give you a smile, if You’re father is passed appreciate the time you had him, Honor him by celebrating his life and not his passing, this is what the souls want us to do, it’s what I do for my dad, it’s why I didn’t post a photo of him, I don’t need to do that because I have him in my heart always & not on my sleeve.

This pertains to mother’s day as well, we travel through our life thinking our loved ones will be here always, than one day they may leave us and journey to the other side, or perhaps simply move away. We rarely take time out to appreciate them; we get mad at each other & somehow think we will make up, which we will… usually unless they leave us before we can say I’m sorry.

Unless a parent or someone else in your life is really not a good person, and that happens, we should always treat others as it is their last day here. Live everyday as though it is your last.

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