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As many of you know, I put great importance in this gift God has granted me. Some say I put too much on what I get & give people, perhaps this is true, and one day I will accept, I just simply can’t help everyone. Knowing me, most likely not.

The other night I did a small party of 5 people, the first 2 came through & everything went very well. Than the 3rd comes in, I had 3 women with me for her but I was struggling with them & who they were. I saw a woman with long black hair, she said she didn’t know who it was. Then I got her mother, I told her what she did for her mother as she was passing. These were very strong messages, stuff I couldn’t have made up. She told me nothing was making sense. I just thought she wasn’t getting what I was saying through the validation process or she wasn’t hearing what she wanted or was hoping to hear.( I can only give you what they want you to hear.) So the mother started to bring attn to her father & boyfriend who are still here. She acknowledges the information was “pretty” correct, except the height of the Boyfriend, so she dismissed this as not right. Even though everything else she received about him was correct. It was at that point I ended the session. Her mother & Grandmother (the 2nd woman who came to me) left me, they do that when you make them struggle & don’t believe in them.

After all the sessions were over we all came together, I asked her if her mother had short blond hair, not platinum, but blond. The mother showed me that earlier but I had stopped saying anything because nothing I said seemed to be right. She said no, the woman next to her said yes she did. The woman pulled up a photo of her mother on her phone, showed the others; I never saw it. Everyone told her it was blond, she didn’t agree with them.

As it turns out she is a skeptic, as a matter of fact her mother told me she doesn’t believe in anything. That didn’t matter, I was still down about that session which actually caused me to question all the sessions I had that night.

Now things happen when you need them, never doubt that. The next morning I woke up to a text from a man I had worked with a lot. He didn’t need to say this, he tell me all the time how I was there for him. But, I guess the Souls & the divine spirits knew I need something, as I’m very close to giving this up. This is what brought be back to where I needed to be.

I am thankful for everyone who comes into my life this will never change… This is what shook me awake that morning, in more ways than one…

Gmornin brother. I’m At Work in the truck and I just been reflecting on the

past year and I really just wanted to say thank you I know I’ve thanked u in the past but sincerely truth of the matter is if you weren’t around at that

down point of my life I prob wouldn’t be here today to talk about it u took me out of a place that was so dark and treacherous I just don’t think I could

ever repay u for it. Thanks again for being a great friend to me

Bob Buchanan

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