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A woman walked into Practical Magick, while I was there, quickly and somewhat excited. She announced to Denise & I; “I was driving by, when I saw the store & had to come in. “I don’t know why, I just had to come in”. She saw the crystals and felt that was the reason.

As I stood there watching her & Denise choose some crystals, I had an older woman come to me, I figured her for her mother or grandmother, but because I don’t just walk up to strangers and start a session I didn’t say anything. The woman who was with me wouldn’t leave me. Because I strongly feel it’s completely unethical to just approach someone not looking for a session and start giving that person messages from the other side, I didn’t say anything.

As she was paying for the crystals, the woman with me was bugging me to say something before she left, but I refused. When suddenly the customer stated, “I feel I need something else”, she turned, went back to the crystals. She told us, she wasn’t sure what to get. This was my opening, I told her to pick something that will help her bring back her passion. She looked at me and asked how I knew that. Denise told her who I was, she smiled and said maybe that is why she had to come in; I had no doubt about that.

Outwardly, you would think of her as a happy person; I would have thought her life was full and happy, but I hear messages telling me what is really below the surface. She went back to looking at the crystals, not being a ‘newagie” guy, I had no idea what she should get, I don’t know one crystal from the next, but I was staring at some pink & white stones, she took 3 of them. She looked at me, looked at the time decided she had some time for a session.

It turned out it was her grandmother who was with me; a few others came through with strong messages. The messages were healing and how she could fix the one thing that wasn’t working in her life.

This isn’t the 1st time someone has come in when I’m at the store in Sugar Loaf, saying they don’t know why they were there and ultimately had an important session that helped them on their journey in this life.

Nothing that happens to me surprises me anymore and quite a few things have as you have read here if you’re a regular visitor, thank you all for your support, you are the reason I was granted my gifts.

Bob Buchanan

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