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On occasion, I have clients who believe they have a spell on them because things aren’t going well for them. They can’t get ahead, money will not come, or life not going well in general.

Believing in spells becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Whether it’s conscious or subconscious we surrender and feel no matter what all our issues are from a supernatural spell.  Please think logically because even the other side is logical.

I never get evil when I do a session, I strongly believe once evil dies here it goes to the dark and doesn’t come out, I have never gotten evil souls, God doesn’t punish, Jesus doesn’t punish. This all being true who do you think will punish you? When the souls cross over all hate and anger goes away, so it isn’t a soul. Please use common sense, because it applies.

What is happening is you stop trying, thinking there is no purpose in trying to change your life or get into a better place, that is on you creating what you think is in place for you, STOP THAT!!!

We have free will the souls will have some influence and guide us to where they see a good place and where we should go. You are fully aware of right and wrong whichever side you choose is up to you, you must understand that the souls are there to guide us in this life. Your ultimate journey is up to you and they will support you.

Always remain hopeful, never hopeless, never be pessimistic, always be optimistic.


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