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Do you have toxic people in your life? The answer to that is more likely than not is yes. Toxic people cause anxiety or depression sometimes both, and most of all they can disrupt or destroy your self-confidence.

They can only accomplish that if you let them, don’t let them. I know that may sound impossible to many but it isn’t. When it comes to your personal life you must eliminate them from your life or interact with them as little as possible. You don’t need these people trying to get power over you so if you don’t need to be around them don’t be. It sounds simple because it is that simple, it’s as simple as keeping your distance from them.

If it’s a work situation, you need to figure out why that person is the way they are, often it was due to a lack of confidence and an attempt to mask that by putting others down or consistently offering up destructive criticism. Once you understand the difference between, destructive, criticism & constructive criticism and identify which one a boss or co-worker is using the battle is over. The most important thing I learned as a self-taught commercial photographer is how to differentiate between the two. When I was starting I had some creative directors try to help me out with constructive criticism. Those individuals selflessly wanted to see me succeed, occasionally I would get one who did just the opposite. It took me a while but once I understood the difference between the two those who were destructive no longer had any influence in my life.

When you realize people who are like that are suffering from their issues it makes It easier to move on, if that person is a boss, you have a few options open to you. You can use selective hearing do not allow them to live rent-free in your brain and move on to do what you know you can do. The other is you can start a new job search because you do not need to allow any job to affect the rest of your life and cause you depression or anxiety. Ask yourself, is it worth allowing this person to disrupt your life? Your answer should be NO, and get the strength to make your life better.

We all have free will & having someone in your life like that may only be there to help you move on and into a better place. Your life is up to you and start by learning to never give others power over you, you will be glad you didn’t.

You may feel there isn’t anything you can do about your situation. That isn’t true, you control your life no one else does so take control stand strong & enjoy your life, you only have one..

Always remain hopeful, never hopeless, always be optimistic never pessimistic.

Bob Buchanan

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